Art Installations


The Future University Community “Stumbling Blocks”

Exploring our aspirations for a diverse campus community — topics that will be covered by the justices during the Jan. 30 colloquium – means also understanding missteps from U-M’s past. The Future University Community will feature some of these moments the week of April 3-10, 2017, with “Stumbling Blocks,” a series of pop-up art installations planned for Central and North campuses.

Seven installations drawing attention to chapters from U-M’s history: the Native American land gift of 1817; the role of women; affirmative action; student protest; biomedical research in a global context; national security and war; and the role of staff. The displays will be prominent and provocative asking us to redefine our community, recalibrate our goals and set out new aspirations that are informed by the past.